The Team

Carter Smith

Co-Founder/Creative Director

Born in New Orleans, LA, Carter moved to Canada to study film production in 2007. Since then he has produced thousands of corporate videos for local businesses, before moving on to Television Production in 2014, serving as a Field Producer, Location Series Producer and Edit Producer for the Discovery Channel's 'GOLD RUSH' since season 5. 

Carter is extremely passionate about filmmaking, having just completed a $50,000+ fundraiser to finish his independent documentary, 'The Queen's New Guard' which is currently in submission to film festivals around the world.   

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Michelle Smith PMP


Co-Founder/Managing Director

Michelle Smith is an accomplished Project Management Professional, and has been at the helm of dozens of high budget projects, both in video production, and BC Government. Her keen eye for efficiency helps identify problems before they occur, and her exceptional organizational skills keep the projects on track through all phases of production. 

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